The Latest Adventures of Gus the Cat

 I haven't blogged about my cats recently so I decided I'm due one.

Gus is a 'posh' cat, with some ragdoll and Siamese in him. This makes him quite vocal and slightly dog like. 

'How is he dog like?' I hear you say. Well, if we go out he comes running to greet you when you get home. He has been known to play fetch and he likes company (he is on the bed behind me as I work - my desk is in my bedroom).

Gus playing in the garden.

He's also quite annoying. Most of my cats, I trained using a water pistol. From the outset I realised this technique wasn't going to work on him, he just thought it was a fun game and seems to quite enjoy getting wet - he also likes to be dried off with tissues. As a result, he's very naughty. He sits on the coffee table, drinks water from taps and pretty much has the run of the house (the other cat is not allowed upstairs). He isn't allowed upstairs at night - largely because he wakes you up with his meowing and he brought us a bird one morning, which he released to let it fly around our bedroom.

He worked out how to open the living room door, so we have had to put a lock on it at night (which isn't an ideal home decor choice).

Gus has also just discovered the magic of windows - it's only taken him until he is nearly six!

Now, he stands on the bay window ledge looking in at us and meows. If you go to let him in, he doesn't come in, he just enjoys the whole window thing. He has also decided to bother my daughter - whose bedroom is above the kitchen extension so he can climb onto the roof and meow at her window at seven o clock in the morning during the summer holidays. She is far from impressed.

Gus likes to catch things and bring them in as presents. However, he doesn't like killing things. He just releases them and lets them run free. Fun. Not. 

Fortunately, my other cat Millie who is older and wiser and a complete moggie, usual tackles the issue and before we need to do anything you hear the crunching of her eating her prey. If she doesn't I have a humane trap which usually works a treat with a bit of peanut butter to tempt mousy in. 

Millie, my other cat, tolerates Gus, except on rainy days when Gus gets bored of going outside and getting wet. Then he chases Millie and jumps on her like Tigger (he is twice the size of her). He doesn't mean to hurt her, he is just play fighting but she hates him. He gets very confused when he is hissed at by her. His face is like, 'Who? Me? What did I do?' He's a bit stupid. 

Millie, tolerating Gus.

Anyway, if you would like to know more about my cats you can find out more here, here, here and here.

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