Reflecting on Home

I realised this morning that I have lived in the same house for twenty-three years. The anniversary is either October or December, I can never remember which, that's what husbands are for!

That's a really long time. It's longer than I lived with my parents. Even with the brief return in 1992 that we don't like to talk about... Well, I don't anyway. 

When we moved in, on a very rainy day, I said, I will not be moving again for at least ten years. It was such a palaver. Then I fell down the stairs. Not a great start.

Twenty-three years. It's longer than I've been married! It's nearly quarter of a century. 

I had my daughters while living in this house. They took their first steps here, their first days at school, got their GCSE results, celebrated birthdays and Christmases here. 

Now, one of them has grown up and is in her final year of Uni and I'm not sure if she will ever live here full time again, and the other has just started Sixth Form, soon she will be gone too.

It will be like when we first moved in. 

Sort of. 

We tend not to go clubbing any more. 

Or live in and out of all are other childless friends houses, partying our lives away.

The empty rooms aren't empty but filled up with our daughters and our 'stuff'. 

We have different cats. 

First there was Lister - who was an excellent companion.

Then Tao, The Magnificent - or so he thought. 

And Millie, The Anxious - who is still with us.

Plus Gus - The Idiot. 

There was also a couple of hamsters, one of which was called Dude, the other I can't remember AND the evil one Bella. The angriest dwarf hamster in the world - She growled. 

There have been numerous gold fish and some fish in the pond. Now we just have two cats, frogs and some pond snails.

Two children, numerous pets, a loft, a pod and kitchen conversion. Still here.

Just in case you were wondering - this is a pod.


Twenty three years seems like such a long time - other people we know have moved houses loads. But we're happy here. 

But there are plans. We plan to travel. We plan to live in the countryside. We have plans that involve moving from our home and making a new home somewhere else. It is going to be sad but it is a promise we made ourselves years ago and we intend to keep it. We will live somewhere where we can see more stars in the night sky and the sea or a lake is nearby. Ideally, where there is a stream at the bottom of the garden and I can befriend some otters. Now that would be perfect. 

This house will always be our children's childhood home, but it's days are numbered. Although, I suspect there will a few more memories to be made here yet.


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